IFS Beyond the Therapy Room
"Freeing Self: IFS Beyond the Therapy Room" is a book that offers a comprehensive exploration of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, introducing its benefits and practical applications as a complementary therapeutic option utilized in mental health practice. The book explores IFS applications in psychotherapy, healthcare, and personal development, providing a valuable reference for holistic patient care, beyond traditional therapy.

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Freeing Self: IFS Beyond the Therapy Room showcases how the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model is being used in settings beyond the therapy room in New Zealand, the US, Australia, and the UK and Europe. These include intuitive drawing groups, online with groups of black men, at the nutritionists and physiotherapists, in yoga classes, and at summer camp. The book highlights the impact of IFS when working with a multiplicity of issues: decision-making, intimate partner betrayal, gender and sexual identity, money burdens, and legacy, collective, cultural and unattached burdens, body tensions/holding as well as struggles around food and the body. The contributors detail their unique experiences of combining IFS with their passion or purpose in life, and of sharing the model with professional colleagues.

This book provides hope and vision for those trained in IFS with or without a prior therapy training who may at times feel invisible, othered, or alienated by the historical dominance of therapy culture within IFS Institute trainings

Introducing the Contributors

Editors’ Notes and Acknowledgements


  • Mary Steege

New Zealand:
  • A New Way of Working in the Business of Health Helen Foot
  • “IFS-ing” as a Mother, Sister, Friend, and Sister of Faith Karen Harrington
  • IFS – A Physiotherapist’s Perspective Ruth Troughton

  • Coaching Black Men and Boys to a Self-Led life, Ty Cutner Style Ty Cutner
  • From Diet Mind to Dietitian to IFS Nutrition Therapist: The Journey of a Wounded Healer Diana Dugan Richards
  • IFS Informed Financial TherapyTM – It’s Not About the Money Rick Kahler
  • Heathens, Heart Tenders, and Unwavering Love: My Journey with IFS and Gender Nic Wildes

  • Embodying Spirituality: Its Infinite Possibilities in Life, Yoga, and IFS  Jo Howard
  • Becoming a Therapist to Children and Young People Shawnee Schmid

UK and Europe:
  • Embodied Unblending: Drawing into Self  Ruth Culver
  • Parenting from the Inside Anna Vincentz and Joel Bubbers

Appendix: Reminders about the Model

Emma E. Redfern

Glossary of Specialist Non-IFS Terms


“In the past decade my dream has been to expand IFS beyond the confines of psychotherapy and bring it to other fields, issues, and marginalized populations. I feel so blessed that the editors and authors of this wonderful book are playing a big role in making that dream come true by inspiring others to bring Self-energy to areas outside the therapy room.”

Richard Schwartz, PhD, Founder of the Internal Family Systems Model

“With IFS as the central core ingredient, Helen and Emma have put together a rich and varied feast that inspires and intrigues. This bookis a celebration of the versatility and universality of the IFS model and stands also as a testimony to the heart, passion, and creativity of the chapter authors who generously share their stories and ideas about applying IFS beyond the therapy room. There’s much here for anyone interested in IFS to savour and enjoy.”

Liz Martins, MSc, IFS Institute Co-Lead Trainer

“When I listen in to this welcome panoply of stories and voices I hear and feel the delight of discovery ‘I can do this!’ and the equally delightful invitation ‘See?’ This book is a gift of intimacy and inspiration for all who are walking the ever widening and branching path of IFS.”

Risa Adams, MD, Certified IFS Therapist, Approved Clinical Consultant, and Assistant Trainer Mentee